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1-6x24mm CRS Videos

Live Fire demo Part 1

Live fire demo part 1 continued.

Part 2
1-6x24mm CRS Tutorial

Live fire demo using the
1-6x24mm NP/GRSC Combat Rifle Scope set on 1x. The rifle is a 18″ FN FAL 7.62mm with NATO spec 147 gr ammo.

Distance to targets range from 30 feet to 50 yards.

First video will be with a hand held video camera followed by the same event recorded through the gun camera.

Norden Performance
Combat Rifle Scope
live fire demo with
1-6x24mm CRS mounted on the 308 18″ FN FAL

Shooting targets from 300 yards out to 528 yards.

Shooting at 14″x14″ targets at 240 yards, using the XCR with the 1-6x24mm Combat Rifle Scope (CRS) during day and low light conditions.