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Norden Performance Review by David Bailey

Norden Performance Review by David Bailey

My name is David Bailey, and I am a former 3rd SFG sniper, presently working for Teludyne Tech Industries, Inc. (TTI). Norden Performance was gracious enough to allow us to use their 1-6x 24mm CRS  scope for testing with our Sine Pari M4 upper.

In May of 2012 we were invited to Camp Roberts for SOCOM testing of our StraightJacket® Barrel System on our Sine Pari M4s, .300 Win Mag, and .308 Remington 700s. Utilizing the CRS scope on our M4 upper we were able to get results that boggled the minds of the snipers that had been tasked to test our products.

The CRS scope has a very unique reticle which allows for rapid target engagement at CQB distances, but also affords the shooter with very accurate ranging capabilities out to 800 yards. During the SOCOM testing, shooters using our StraightJacket® Sine Pari M4, and the CRS scope, were able to do magazine dumps (30 rounds of 75 grain Black Hills ammo) on targets out to 785 meters! The snipers who shot this combination (StraightJacket® and CRS scope) were very impressed, but what blew their
minds was when we put this same weapon in the hands of two inexperienced female shooters. These ladies were able to easily match the performance of these SOTIC trained snipers by firing 30 rounds into the same target at 785 meters by simply holding the 800 circle on top of the head of the silhouette.

Using the hash marks left and right of the ranging circles, one could easily spot his/her round strike, and make accurate adjustments rapidly. The CRS scope was also sent for testing, while in TTI’s possession, to a SOF unit. Their results and comments mimicked the above statements with the additional comments of desiring the vertical and horizontal hash marks to be in mils for more accurate wind hold formulas. They loved the speed of the CRS’s engagement capabilities no matter the range. One comment that should also be mentioned is the exceptional quality of the glass being used in this scope. The clarity is so incredible that this 1-6 scope holds its own beside scopes with 8 power magnification. Another comment made by the SOF unit was the ease in which this scope can be taught to an individual to make them an effective designated marksman. SOF members were able to effectively and rapidly engage targets ranging from 100 to 800 using 77 grain OTM rounds (even though the CRS is designed for 62 grain M855).

If you desire a high quality scope that provides ease of use, rapid accurate target engagement at any range between 0-800, with the high quality glass, Norden Performance’s CRS scope is an excellent choice. My saddest day in the past year was the day I had to send this scope back to Norden Performance!