Professional Growth (Downey District Classified Employees):
All classified employees of the Downey Unified School District who wish to take Adult School Classes for professional growth credit need to obtain prior approval from the Professional Growth Committee. Contact the Classified Personnel Office, Downey Unified District Office, (562)904-3500.
State Funded “Protected”

All students shall pay a class fee as published in the brochure for fall, winter, spring and summer quarters, except the following:

A $10 discount to students 55 years of age or older applies to all State-funded classes except Lab Fees, Community Education and classes designed for seniors.

Community Education Fee-Based Classes:
Because Community Education classes do not receive any State funds, students pay a Class Fee sufficient to cover the direct costs of instruction. Please note that the $10 discount on Class Fees for students 55 years of age and older does not apply to Community Education classes. NO REFUNDS! Students must decide by the end of the first hour of class whether they wish to continue in the class.

Lab Fees:
Some classes may require additional fees for supplies, use of equipment, or excess cost of instruction. All students are required to pay the full amount of lab and/or supply fees.

Student ID Pictures:
Downey Adult School is selling photo IDs for $10.00. Students can use their ID for discounts on the bus, at the movies, any business that offers student discounts, or just use it as another form of picture ID. Photos are taken by appointment only.

The Adult School will refund class and lab fees if a regular class is cancelled by the second session. Individual requests for refunds must be made at the Adult School office prior to the second class meeting or within two weeks of registration.  You must submit your receipt of payment along with a completed refund form.  DAS may deduct a 15% processing fee from all refunds.  Click here for Class Refund Form.  Refunds will be issued within 4 weeks of request.  Absolutely NO CASH refunds.

Students in Community Education classes must decide by the end of the first hour of class whether they wish to continue in the class. NO REFUNDS for Community Education Class will be given.